The Traditional Kilim Pillows

If you are thinking of adding a native or traditional touch to the bedroom or living area, why not consider making use of Kilim pillows. These pillows are very good interior design complements of bare and modern houses. The Kilim fabric features the best combination of Persian, Balkan, Arab, African, and West-Asian styles and designs.

A Brief Background on Kilim

Kilim refers to the traditional weaving technique used by the traditional communities in the Balkan states (particularly Turkey), Persia, and most Arab regions. Kilim fabrics woven are usually characterized by geometric patterns that according to most experts have secret codes or meanings. Before they were popularly made into Kilim throw pillows and pillow covers, the fabric is primarily used to create area rugs serving as carpets displayed in every home or laid on the floor for purposes of praying. Kilim has been in existence for thousands of years. This explains why there are several antique or vintage Kilim pillows used today. 

What Makes Kilim Unique from Other Pillows

Pillows made out of Kilim fabric featuring unique Kilim designs and styles are popular because of the following features.

  • Artistic Designs. More than anything else, these pillows are preferred because of their unique and traditional designs. The geometric patterns embedded in each design are considered forms of art that convey several messages about the people and culture where they came from. This is in contrast with conventional pillows, which bear common colors, styles, and patterns.
  • Rich and Vibrant Colors. Another noticeable distinction of Kilim pillows from the rest is the richer and more vibrant color combination. A lot of the patterns are dyed in vivid, red, brown, black, and other darker shades of color. One major advantage of opting for Kilim in terms of color is their ability to last longer even for the Kilim floor pillows. This is because they are colored with natural dyes, which can last for centuries without or with less chances of fading.
  • They have a rougher texture. Most commercially produced pillows are made out of soft cotton or silk, which have smoother or finer surfaces. Kilim pillows on the other hand have sheets or fabrics that are woven from wool, which produces a courser or rougher texture. Some people opt to benefit from this feature alone when they buy these types of pillows.
  • They are more durable. In relation to the wool or material from which they are made of, these pillows will last or serve its purpose much longer compared to the soft and delicate cotton and silk pillows most people have at home.
  • The Tribal Styles. The tribal styles are popular due to their unique patterns and designs that mimic how most Persian, Turkish, and African tribes weave and design their clothes, blankets, or rugs.  Some examples of these tribal styles include the Atalyana, Himalaya, Gandhi, and Agre.
  • Antique Kilim Pillows. Another type of Kilim pillows where people are interested most are the vintage or antiques. It can either be a genuine antique pillow aged for decades or a century, or perhaps, a vintage-looking one that are woven and dyed with seemingly fading colors. Of course the real antiques are more expensive.
  • The Tiles or Stripes. The remaining popular designs are those that feature tiled squares or geometric shapes and sheets that are striped.

Popular Designs or Styles of Kilim Pillows

These are the main features and characteristics of Kilim pillows that make them popular and sought-after. Head on to your nearest store and ask for these pillows and get one for yourself now!